Do I Qualify

It’s okay that you have bad credit, repossessions, or maybe you are simply too young to have had a chance to establish credit.  This is what we specialize in.  We report to all 3 major credit bureaus!  Complete this program successfully, as well as keep up with up with your other credit obligations with other creditors, and you should not have to worry about a bad credit financing again.

What you will need to qualify at our buy here pay dealership is:

  1. Proof of Income. Your most recent pay stub.  You should have these.  If not, we may be able to access them from our computers at the dealership!
  2. If you receive SSI or disability, your award letter is very helpful
  3. If you are self employed, your bank statement will have to provide deposits for proof income
  4. A valid drivers license. Temporary permits are not acceptable.
  5. To bring home at least $1500 or more per month
  6. A piece of mail with your name and address dated within 30 days is required if your landlord cannot be reached to confirm that you live at your residence.
  7. A down payment always helps! Bringing cash helps your chances of approval with our unique scoring system.  The higher you score, the more likely you will qualify for the higher dollar vehicles we have to offer on our lot.

Our program works and we are very good at getting people into cars.  We realize that people need transportation.  With this, we strive to provide reliable automobiles and ensure that you can afford them with our unique scoring system.  We make it easy to obtain a bad credit loan, no matter what your situation is.

Our approval rate is very high!  Do not fear getting rejected.  It’s a great program and we are good at getting you into your very own car!  If you have the income and can prove it, as well as a valid drivers license, we will do everything we can to get you approved.  If we can’t, we typically will put you on a pathway to approval.

If you can provide the above, and need a car today, call 859-640-9345 and ask for Doug.  Or simply fill out our make an appointment form and let us know when you can come to get the process started!  If you are ready to purchase now, make the appointment for today and as soon as you can get here.  We will get your application started and hopefully get you driving very quickly!