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Are you having a hard time getting approved for a car loan?  Our goal is to help people no matter what the situation is! We are very good at helping get people approved for automobile financing. To be eligible for our buy here pay here program, you need to have a valid drivers license as well as a job or qualified source of income that pays you $1500 or more a month.  We have several buy here pay here Cincinnati, Ohio lots to pull inventory from!  Selection is never a problem.

If you need a car today, click here to make an appointment at our buy here pay here lot located in Cincinnati Ohio! Our friendly staff will reach out to you and work hard to get you driving in your very own car today!

We offer low down payments! All of our cars come with a 30 month, 30,000 mile optional service contract. This covers the engine, transmission, and drive train.

For example, if your engine goes out and you are still in your service contract time frame or mileage, we will replace it for a $75 deductible. Yes, we will put an engine in your car for only a $75 deductible out of your pocket! Transmissions are replaced with a $75 deductible as well!  We back our cars, unlike other buy here pay here lots.  We want to see our customers get through our buy here pay here program located in Cincinnati Ohio successfully!

All of our cars go through a 92 point inspection before they are placed on the lot. As a result, we are only putting high quality vehicles on our lot. The cars range from 3 to 12 years old.

We help people with bad or no credit get the financing and vehicle they need! We report to the 3 major credit bureaus monthly. A consumer could increase their credit score by meeting all of the monthly obligations in a timely manner!

We consider ourselves the Ferrari of Buy Here Pay Here car lots located in Cincinnati, Ohio!

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About Our Buy Here Pay Here Cincinnati Car Dealership

I’m here to help you get in reliable and affordable transportation.

We are the biggest buy here pay here lot Cincinnati, Ohio has to offer!

We strive to deliver nothing short of superb customer service and a great overall experience for our customers!

Ask for Doug when you come in!  Again, don’t be discouraged by your bad credit.  We specialize in helping individuals as we understand sometimes situations arise and everyone deserves a second chance!